Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama-Romney: TRF poll

Update: About 1/3 of U.S. TRF readers voted for Obama and 3/5 of them expected Obama to win. Only 1% of TRF readers voted for Obama but expected Romney to win. Among the non-TRF readers, Romney slightly won the popular vote but by the electoral votes, Obama safely defended his presidency. Dow Jones collapsed by more than two percent after the results.
This poll is very simple and unsurprising.

I want the U.S. readers – which make up 1/2 of the TRF visitors – to report whom they voted for and whom they expect to win. Well, I only mean the U.S. readers who are not crying of being tired of Bronko B├íma and Mitt Romney yet.

Who did you vote for, whom do you expect to win?

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If you didn't actually physically vote but you have an opinion, please pretend that you did vote. Your vote counts here.

Let me ask Unamerican readers to stay silent because this choice isn't really our business, the business of Unamericans. ;-) I would like to know how politically symmetric or asymmetric the readership of TRF is.

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