Friday, November 2, 2012

All Souls' Day

It's All Souls' Day today (yesterday, we had All Saints' Day). I am just learning that it's a mostly Catholic event – but one that pretty remarkably survived even in places such as the atheist Czech Republic.

I am learning that the event expresses the people's belief in eternal life – it isn't the most accurate description of mine, what about you? – and that the prayers on this day are meant to help the dead to get to the Heaven because they're still not fully cleansed and they must continue the treatment in the Purgatory.

It's a pretty complicated system of interrelated mechanisms...

I would like to know: Do you visit cemeteries and dead relatives on this day? What does it mean to you? Do you believe some of the traditional Catholic teachings? And if it's just a habit, do you think that it was much more for our ancestors? Were they really much more religious than we are today, or were they just used to describe themselves as more religious because it was more fashionable than it is today?

Czech discovery in Egypt

Let me add some more breaking news from the world of afterlife. Czech archaeologists just discovered a wonderful new tomb of an Egyptian princess from the period 2500-2350 BC near Abusir, Egypt: (there's one picture of a sculpture over there). There are cool sculptures, architecture, and useful texts and such a finding hasn't been made for years.

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