Friday, September 16, 2011

5 deal-breaking flaws in Windows 8

I agree with this article. I absolutely love Window 7. In fact I talk about it little, not because it is bad, but because it is trouble free. It works. So I'm not in anti-MS mode. I live in a world that happily accommodates both iOS and Windows.

Now MS wants to enter the brave "old" world (after all the iPad is 1.5 years old) and has tacked a touchscreen interface on the front of what still looks like Win 7, sort of. It is a jarring and unpleasant experience. I read through the comments on this article and I laughed then I got to the one that simply asked "Microsoft Bob 2?". That nails it. If not Bob then consider this. If Vista was Me 2, maybe this is Me 3?

There is still time MS. Please reconsider and give us the choice to bypass Metro entirely. Make it a touch-tablet option. You can do it MS. Don't shoot yourself in the foot again.

If you are wondering I did download and run the Win 8 preview on Virtual Box (a virtual machine). So I have tried it. I'm sticking with 7 unless this silliness is sorted out.

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